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If you can't remember whether you're there, their or they're,
you've come to the right place.

Hi, I'm Melody!

Welcome to The Ready Editor

With 25+ years of proofreading, fact-checking and copy-editing experience, I've edited almost everything — profiles for graduating high school seniors, reports, articles, newsletters, resumes, and even nonfiction books.


I love what I do!

My favorite part of this job is collaborating with writers to improve their text — ensuring it's clear, concise, engaging and accurate
— and most importantly, undeniably "them."


Let's make something great!


Editing services


Copy Editing

Copy editing goes beyond fixing punctuation and spelling errors. I'll also help with writing, fact-checking and content structure so your message is communicated
accurately and effectively.



I'll give your ready-to-publish content
one final proofreading check to catch
any and all grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling errors.

George Fuller,Jr

D.Min., Mediator, Author, CSA 

"Melody's long and deep experience in communicating with the public gives her tools beyond the cloud-based editing programs I have tried. I can recommend The Ready Editor knowing you will receive the highest standard of service that will leave you confident in how you communicate your message."

Shandra Martinez

Shandra Martinez Communications

"I’ve been fortunate to work with great copy editors during my 25 years in the newspaper business. Being a writer can be a solitary endeavor. I really value having someone of Melody’s talent and experience to help me do my best work. She not only meticulously proofs copy to catch typos and other errors but goes above and beyond to reorganize text, when needed, and double check names and addresses. Melody is also a wonderful collaborator and has saved me from embarrassing mistakes more times than I can count."

Marie Carrillo


"I have worked with Melody
on an as-needed basis and found her to be very knowledgeable. When I'm writing, I sometimes need help correcting grammar and finding just the right words for my content. Melody is able to give me options at a moment's notice. Working with The Ready Editor has allowed me to write with confidence, knowing that I can count on her expertise." 


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